Past workshops and Lecturers


While the final program for Kyoto Startup Summer School 2019 don’t get fixed until few weeks before the program, here are some of the content that has been part of previous KS³s, and you can expect many of them to be included in the future.

Multi-day workshop

  • Design Thinking - Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Lean Startup

Half-day workshops

  • How to create and share your startup story

  • Introduction to CAD and Fusion 360

  • Introduction to Woodworking - Hacking IKEA

  • Introduction to Software Product Development

  • Mechatronic Prototyping with Arduino

  • Product Management Workshop


  • Creating a Startup Culture

  • Crowdfunding: a new era beyond the gadget

  • Developing Digital Products

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities with FinTechs & Blockchain

  • Entrepreneurship in Japan and the US, similarities and differences

  • Frugal Startup Videography

  • Fundraising strategies at startups

  • Global Marketing for Startups

  • How to be the next generation entrepreneurs in the new era of AI and Robotics

  • How to deliver an awesome startup pitch

  • How to run an awesome crowdfunding campaign

  • How to start a hardware company

  • How to start a service company

  • How to start a web service company

  • Investor-Startup Relations

  • Performance-based Marketing

  • Practical AI via examples

  • Raise That Money

  • Scaling your brand through platforms

  • Starting Up: Are you truly prepared?

  • Taking advantage of the startup ecosystem: working with accelerators

  • The benefits of a network and how to build one

  • The ins and outs of the venture challenge

  • Upcoming Technology Trends

  • Where is the Money?